This portal is your source for information about Ohio’s Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD).

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  • Technology Updates for 2021-2022

    The technology requirements and secure browsers will be updated in July in preparation for the 2021-2022 school year. Similar to prior summers there will be an overlap period in July and August where the current year and new year requirements and secure browsers are both usable. Below are the anticipated updates. This information is subject to change before release.

    Operating System

    Secure Browser


    8.1 (Professional & Enterprise)

    10, 10 in S Mode (Educational, Professional, & Enterprise) (Versions 1909-20H2)

    Server 2012 R2, 2016 R2

    Windows Secure Browser 14



    Mac Secure Browser 12.5



    Mac Secure Browser 14


    Fedora 32-33 LTS (Gnome)
    Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04a LTS (Gnome)

    Linux Secure Browser 14




    SecureTestBrowser 7



    SecureTestBrowser 7

    Added May 25, 2021
  • Test Portal Refresh

    In preparation for the 2021–2022 academic year, Cambium Assessment is rolling out a significant update to the test portals that test administrators, teachers, parents, and students use to access information regarding testing programs and navigate to its assessment systems. The refresh will modernize the portals to improve ease of use, accessibility and searchability of resources. Be on the lookout for more information on this coming update.

    Added May 25, 2021
  • Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

    Cambium Assessment will be conducting periodic maintenance of the testing systems to ensure system stability and reliability throughout the school year. These maintenance periods will occur on the dates indicated below and can last up to 24 hours. During a maintenance period some or all of these systems may be inaccessible:

    • TIDE
    • Student Testing Site and Practice Test Site
    • TA Interface and TA Practice Site
    • Online Reporting System (ORS) and Centralized Reporting System (CRS)
    • Teacher Hand Scoring System
    • Data Entry Interface
    • TA Certification Courses
    • Assessment Systems Inbox

    Maintenance Windows

    • Saturday, June 12, beginning at 9 a.m.

    Added March 9, 2021
  • Spring 2021 AASCD - Grade 5 Math Full Paper Test Now Available in the Data Entry Interface

    The AASCD grade 5 math full paper test is available again in the Data Entry Interface (DEI). You may now enter grade 5 math full paper student responses into the DEI.

    Added March 2, 2021
  • Spring 2021 AASCD – Data Entry Interface Temporarily Paused for Grade 5 Math Full Paper Test Only

    The AASCD grade 5 math full paper test has been temporarily paused in the Data Entry Interface (DEI). You may continue administering this test to students using the full paper materials in the TA Kit and recording the student responses on the optional student response form. Once this test has been re-enabled in the DEI, you may enter the responses from the optional student response form into the DEI. Please continue to monitor the announcements page of the AASCD test portal for future communications regarding the availability of this test in the DEI. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Added February 24, 2021
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